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Get more people involved and put their assets in the bank to get multiple and long-term returns.
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Leading the participation of a strong consensus of users to achieve wealth freedom
We will continue to innovate to build a simple, complete, convenient and interesting new financial system that can operate across chains
With many years of investment experience, DBK runs through traditional finance and emerging digital finance
We will continue to innovate to build a simple, complete, convenient and interesting new financial system that can operate across chains
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Super Defi Financial Bank
Project introduction

1.The DBK overview

Decentralized Bank (DBK) is a blockchain-based super defense system that includes banking, insurance, securities and trust, NFT and other application scenarios. 2. The advantages of DBK A, DBK tokens, on behalf of the bank system automatically cast high low suck, traditional banking assets deposited in the paper proves that, in order to gain a small amount of annual earnings, and DBK is DBK tokens for financial products, and deposit assets for the TRX digital assets, constantly all the time between the mutual exchange, liquidity, every exchange, will produce a fee, The amount is much larger than the annual return of traditional banks. When a person occupies the corresponding token share or DBK-TRX in the liquidity pool or the bank, the more active the transaction volume is every day, the more the return will be generated, and the longer the deposit time in the bank is approaching the limit, the return will be several times of the principal. As the transaction volume increases, the price of DBK financial token increases continuously. If the transaction volume remains unchanged, in the flow pool DBK-TRX, if TRX increases alone, the price of DBK token will also increase with the product of the coin quantity. If the transaction volume also increases, that is, the DBK growth rate is the product of the two. C. The coin address affects the coin price, and the coin address is equal to the consensus number. The more people agree, the rarer the token. 3. The DBK dig In a bank, you can use the DBK After mining, when the bank is developed and stable, all the customers in the flow pool can pledge DBK-TRX to carry out the side chain of DBK's late issue. Shareholders will have additional airdrops for the currency holders who are always loyal to the bank and have made contributions. To achieve cross-chain, main chain ecological asset swaps, and accelerated increase of assets.
DBK white paper

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